Oppo-pinions: New job, so 'new' car options...and random ramblings.

**Disclaimer: this got long and I have no clue what car(s) I want to buy next. All opinions welcome!**

After starting my own business and consulting for a year and a half, I’m back to work full-time for one of my consulting clients. I negotiated a decent base salary (as well as up to a 40% bonus), so the time has come to address my car situation.


Currently I have an 03 Boxster, and a 2005 Touareg. The Treg has always been good to me in spite of it’s reputation and advancing age, however the last few months have seen some slight electrical gremlins start to appear. I can deal with fixable mechanical stuff, but I draw the line at intermittent electrical issues that are hard (impossible!) to diagnose, let alone fix. So, I think it’s time to retire the Treg and get something a bit newer and more reliable. The Boxster gets use year round w/snow tires, but it’s not exactly a spring chicken so I don’t take it on business trips unless the location and weather make sense. (I generally work from home, but drive to DC/Boston once or twice a month. Any business trips within ~4 hours I usually drive)

I need something that can do a little hauling (Home Depot, camping, etc) so I’m thinking hatchback or another SUV. I’m open to a lease (up to ~$400/m) or used (CPO preferred) in the $25,000 range. From history, I know those numbers can go up or down if I really like something, or if I like more than one thing.

My first thought is a CPO VW GTI...I had a MkII a long time ago and I never got over the fact that it was stolen. I’ve also driven the newest gen of both the Golf and GTI and really liked them.

From an SUV perspective, I was impressed by the new Tiguan (and the cheap lease deals), however there are two issues: 1) my girlfriend has one, so it would look weird on weekends when there are two in the driveway, and more importantly 2) I’m used to a V8 Touareg. All this turbo-buzzy-4 stuff does not make me happy. It’s fine in a smaller car but jeez, I don’t like them in crossovers/SUVs. I’ve looked at some newer used V6 Touaregs but I’d kinda like something different. The new Honda CR-V was also too buzzy. What else is out there?


I’m not totally against a sedan, but it would have to be fun. The 2014 Mercedes E550's are creeping into the $25k range, however I’d like to stick with something CPO and not get a surprise $4,000 repair bill in the first two years. But damn, if I find a low-mile 2009 E550 I’ll be tempted to factor in the maintenance.


**That reminds me....there is a 188" length limit to any vehicles, so I can get them into the garage and still walk around them**

Longer term, I’ve though about selling the Boxster and picking up a 996 C4S. I could do without a roadster in the short term, and I think the C4S would hold it’s value and then some.


I’ve also toyed with going cheap on a DD replacement for the Touareg and swapping out the 986 with a 981 Boxster that could double as a DD.


Like I said, I’m all over the place....looking for some different thoughts as I’m clearly in a narrow-German focus at them moment!!!

Thanks Oppo!

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