Oppo Please help me Xbox one related questions below

I’ve always been a PlayStation person (game system history nes, snes, saga, ps1, ps2, ps3) but now my 9 year old son wants an Xbox one mainly so he can play online with his friends because none of them are PlayStation people. At this point he will basically be only playing Minecraft, lego games, forza horizon 3 and any other age appropriate games we come across over time. So for starters how much is it to be online (this is the bs that kept me over in sony’s camp stupid to pay to be online in my opinion) and what the hell is gold? I cant seem to find the standard online price vs gold price. Why do kids have to want the opposite of their parents? What are some other pro’s for the xbox that I as a person who has never played one might not be aware of? For those of you who use both what are the cons so I can be prepared for them. I’m really pissed because we could have bought one for $150 a month ago and now all the prices are jacked back up sky high so looking for any deals anyone knows about too. Thanks in advanced oppo.


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