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Oppo, please help (oddly specific wrenching question)

I’ve been hung up on my power steering pump replacement job for a while by one right bastard of a bolt that sits in the bottom of the power steering pump. In all of the videos I’ve seen of someone replacing the power steering pump on a late 90s Subaru, they’ve had a clear shot at the bolt in the bottom of the tank. I, however, have something different.

Behold my terrible MSPaint drawing:

Illustration for article titled Oppo, please help (oddly specific wrenching question)
Graphic: i drew this you dolts why do i need to keep adding copyright info

I see you’ve survived. Alright, so a quick explanation: firstly, this is definitely not to scale and probably not in the exact positions that everything is at, I’m working off of memory here. Secondly, the colors - the red dot is the bolt I want to unscrew,the black line jutting off to the edge is the return line, and the orange line is a filter that’s attached to the end of the return line inside of the tank.

I haven’t seen anything that would let me remove the filter, and I can’t get a wrench around the filter, and I can’t get pliers down to the bottom to try and unscrew it that way (even if I did, it’s coated in ATF, so it’d probably just slip.)


I know there’s a few people on Oppo who know a thing or two about Subarus -- please share your knowledge so I can get this heap out of the garage again.

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