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Need some advice.

My mom managed to break her shower knob stem. The thing thats behind the knob that controls the water flow.

Ive got the knob off, the water off and im at the point where I can just take off the pipe that leads to it.


Id replace the stem but its an old shower knob stem. So its hard to find a replacement.

Its 1 knob that controls hot/cold water. Is this something a pro should do, or since Ive already got it all taken apart, I should just finish it up.

I already had some teflon tape, caulk and gun.(she has a metal plate thing around her knob)

I was going to take the pipe that runs out to the stem and knob and to try to find a replacement.


This isnt the first time shes done it either. She treats her shower knob like a handle getting out of the shower.

This is just the first time Ive taken care of it.

Edit: i hope you can figure out what im talking about. She only has 1 knob for hot ans cold. The plastic stem behind the knob is broke and I doubt Ill find a replacement. So i was just going to take the pipe that leads to it off and take it to home depot and find a new one.

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