Many localities and counties are having elections tomorrow! If you like who is in office and you want them to stay? VOTE! Want to see change in your community? VOTE! Want a chance to possibly impact who might run our country one day? VOTE! :D

My city is so deep blue basically everyone on the ticket is running unopposed as a Democrat. Well, everyone except for the Mayor.

And this one is a pretty historic election for my city. If one candidate wins, my city will have its first black Mayor (weird for a city in which 75% of all residents are Latinx or African American). If the other candidate wins, we’ll have our first ever female Mayor.

One person is a typical establishment candidate with very questionable attack tactics borrowed from the Presidential election, the other an Independent with what appears to be a stronger following that the other candidate thanks to social media. It’s going to be fun!


P.S. I’m writing my review of the Impala as I speak, expect it to be posted soon!