So the blower fan on my truck quit working. I managed to get the hateful clips out and remove the panel to begin diagnosis. With the fan speed set to max I get battery voltage on one terminal and ground on the other terminal feeding the motor. From what I’ve read this indicates the problem is with the motor. Do I load up the parts cannon and start by firing a new fan motor assembly at it?


My assumption that the motor was toast may have been premature. Unfortunately in my attempts to disassemble the motor assembly which was permanently glued together were successful. It turns out reassembling something that wasn’t designed to be disassembled can be problematic. Once the motor was apart I was able to get it to spin by hooking it up to a power source, but I’m not convinced that the motor wasn’t the problem. At any rate there is a new motor on the way since the old casing doesn’t appear to be willing to go back together.