Oppo Poll: Help Decide The Fate Of My Friends Crown Vic

​Alright so here is the deal, one of my friends is looking at picking up a new daily driver (2010+ Mercedes E550) and if he does buy this, he's looking to sell his 03 Marauder. He offered it to one of my other friends, who at the moment has a 04 crown victoria sport.

Here is the run down on both cars, I know both of their histories very well so I am in full support of this idea, but I want to hear what you all think.

The current car is a 2004 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport. For those of you that don't know, this is the top trim crown victoria. It has a 239hp 4.6L 2V V8 with factory dual exhaust, a 3.27 rear axle ratio, and comes with 17" 5 spoke wheels. It also has power leather buckets, a center console shifter, Electronic HVAC controls, homelink, overhead console, rear air suspension, and some other shit that is probably standard on every LX panther out there.


Here are the specifics about the car:

97,000 miles and counting

21mm rear swaybar off a 03 marauder

Added a freshly rebuilt Ford Limited Slip Diff

18" 5 spoke bullitt wheels off a shelby GT (these probably won't go with the car)

Marauder 80MM MAF with SCT Xcal3 tune

Ditched the amber corner lights for clear corners

Car also comes with a spoiler that has yet to be installed or painted


Now, for the second car in question

This is a 2003 Mercury Marauder, this is (in my opinion) the top trim panther as far as a performance platform goes. It comes with a 302HP 4.6L 4V V8, a true Handling & Performance Package suspension setup (unlike the sport which came stock with a 17mm rear bar and base rate springs), 28mm front swaybar, 21mm rear swaybar, police rate coils up front with HPP airbags in the rear, tokico shocks all around, 18x8 wheels, and the interior has its own improvements including unique bucket seats, a unique gauge cluster with tach, a gauge pod in the center console and its own interior trim. Since this is a Job 1 03, it also has map pockets on the seats.


Here are the specifics on the car

54,000 miles and I don't see it hitting 55k any time soon since my friend only drives it like once a week at most (garaged since 07, possibly even earlier, was bought with 24k on it)


Interior looks like it has 5000 miles on it

New brakes all around

New rear tires

Morimoto MH1 HID Projector Retrofit (Built by me)

Heinous Motorsports Billet rear control arms (upper and lower)

4.10 gears in a freshly rebuilt rear end (new bearings, axles, clutch packs, seals)


PCM has been reflashed with a Xcal3 using the Pro Racer Package (allows you to tune yourself, comes with the car)

Car ran a 14.4 on the track with a trans shift issue, tune has since been corrected


Here is how I see it


Trading up for a higher trim panther

Car has less miles

Car is in better shape (Vic lived in RI, Marauder in MD)

Car has more power

Car handles better

Car is more unique


Car is more unique - some parts are long obsolete

Vic's can stand a LOT of neglect and keep on chooglin, Marauder's aren't exactly on par with taxi toughness IMO, but its close to an extent. For someone who can be a penny pinching bastard and dare I say rather uneducated about cars at this point, this could be an issue.


Marauder must have 91 octane at a minimum. This won't cost THAT much more per tank, but it still won't take 87 like the Vic will.

Current owner has strong case of OCD - this may transfer with the car to the theoretical new owner.


So what say you Oppo, stick with the Vic? Or trade up for the Merc? Please post your thoughts below, I'll be sharing this with both parties.

Thanks in advance!

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