UPDATE 2: After 638 rows of data, I’m not planning to enter anymore... LOL. If you want to add/edit yours (no duplicates, please! If you responded to this thread, your vehicles should already be listed), follow THIS LINK to edit the Google doc. Next week, I’ll plan on putting together some charts and/or graphs with the data. Thanks to all who’ve participated - really is fun to see the wide variety of automobiles represented here on OPPO.


Following up on the Official Car of OPPO timeline... let’s get some data!
Please do NOT list your significant other’s automobile (unless you drive it more than them), or your children’s cars. This will be an accounting of the current state of OPPO’s chosen conveyance(s). If you have multiple vehicles (including motorcycles), please list them in the order that you actually use them the most (list non-functional project cars last). For each vehicle, also note the model year, paint color, and if it has a manual transmission. Please list your vehicle in a response directly to this post, not in a response to another Opponaut’s comment. If the vehicle is not technically owned by you, but it’s what you drive most of the time, please list it. I’ll share this a few times in the coming days, and then compile all the data (and probably make some charts and graphs or something). Thanks!


UPDATE: Started compiling... 200+ records added so far, many more to go. Some of y’all own A LOT of cars. Will probably start sharing everything next week.

Illustration for article titled OPPO Poll, Late 2019: What Car(s) Do You Own/Drive? UPDATE: LAST CHANCE!! - Google Doc Link Below

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