This is my hood. It's got some surface rust and plenty of lead-based paint flaking off of it, but it's not like the rest of the truck is that much nicer either. Now, I plan on getting the truck painted down the line (like, in a couple years), but for now, I'm just focusing on rust repair/prevention and cleaning things up. So my question is this: Should I paint my hood myself (I'd sand it all down, spread a little body filler to even everything out, primer, and paint it in the original red, then clear), or should I leave it as is and just clear over it. The rest of the truck (I'll post a picture below) is going to remain a combo of red, white, primer splotches, and black (from the patch panels). Thoughts?

Now my next question has to do with truck bed liners. I got a Herculiner Bed Liner kit after hearing good things about the product, and am planning on applying the liner probably next week sometime. My question is, where should the bed liner end? I feel like some bedliners I've seen end just below the top of the bedside, while some roll over the top edge. I'm thinking end under the top edge of the bedrails. What do ya'll think on that?


Pic of the whole truck for reference.