Oppo-poll Update: Rallylights

Last week I asked your help to decide what rallylights I should mount on my 2002 touring project. Most of the small (but very representative!) group of respondents have voted for the Cibiés:


As my own preference had inclined towards the Cibiés as well I went looking. And found a cheap ($40), but only one, NEW Oscar+ (18cm) with yellow bulb in France which I immediately bought. So now the next challenge: Where to find another one this cheap. Luckily you can buy these a piece so not to worry, I'll just have to pay more if I can't find a decent new one.

Only other problem is, while I was writing this previous post and doing some other research, I'm getting more and more interested in the Marchals. That cover!


Bit childish probably to use that cover as the main argument but I couldn't care less. These Marchals are getting harder to find every day (aren't produced anymore) anyway so I'll better stick to the Cibiés. Thanks for the input people!

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