Oppo-poll: What rallylights does my BMW 2002 really need?

Being busy restoring my precious 2002 touring brings all kinds of upgrades to mind. Such as the 5-speed transmission swap (check!). Such as handling upgrades (hello tii-strutts/brakes, Bilstein & Eibach: check!). Such as replacing the double webers with a Kügelfischer injection (check!). One thing I'm not completely sure of is what rally-lights to mount. There will be rally-lights placed in the front, that's for sure, but what lights do I go for?

As I want to keep it a bit authentic I'll have to go back in time. The top four producers of automotive lamps in those days were: Carello, Cibié, Hella and Marchal. And Lucas to some extent. But I don't want to use English lights anyway.


At first I was convinced I had to use Hella. Weil Deutsch. But when I was thinking and googling about it a bit, I was slightly inclining to the Cibiés.

As I understand correct Cibiés should create better visibility then the rest of them. And, as I'm pretty sure I want yellow, they should be easier to obtain with yellow lenses, at least over the Hellas (new anyway as I contacted Hella about this already).


The Marchals also are French, home of the yellow lenses. And they have those great cat-logos both the lense as well the light cover, which can be either soft covers or hard covers. And yes: these covers will be used 80% of the time.

Finally Carello. I didn't see those on anything else but Italian cars a lot and I'm not sure about the quality. But 'Carello' just sounds so awesome. They're the small ones below:


And no: I won't mount a pair of each brand on and under the bumper! So Oppo please help me out:

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