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Oppo possibly loosing a wheel

Hello friends!

It has been a while I have posted here blah blah blah.

Here’s the thing.

I commute in the very busy area called “Randstad” 4 days a week. I park at exorbitant prices, and I have to walk over 15 minutes from the car after I parked it (paid) to get to work. Now, bare in mind that I am a freelance technician, I can afford all of this. But the traffic is killing me. I do 55 km’s one way, and it often takes me 1.5 hours. It is just horrible.


Not too long ago, I stumbled upon a nugget of information about a certain motorcycle. I am not a motorcycle enthousiast. In my country, I would need a different license to drive one. And then there is the weather.


Here is something else:

Illustration for article titled Oppo possibly loosing a wheel

The Piaggio MP3 yourban. It is a bit different, and its’ looks are just the start. First of all, I am allowed to ride this with my current car permit. That’s a plus. Second, the two front wheels have a stablising system that holds this motorscooter standing at traffic lights and parking. Third, unlike my car, the company I do work for (I am self employed but working for a large financial company currently) allows me to park it inside, as it is a motorcycle. Most companies over here do that: drive a car, they’re sorry, drive a motorcycle, come right in!

Dutch law allows me to split lanes, thus passing traffic jams, the same jams that cost me so much time. The company allows me to park inside, thus killing parking expenses (we’re talking about 150 euro monthly here).


Blankets and other add ons are sold for this scooter, and there is enough storage space inside it for my backpack without any additional storage boxes, which are available if needed. A used Mp3 scooter goes for anything from 3500 euro to 6000 euro. A new one goes from 7500.

There is just the weather. But I could take the car when the weather is horrible, and be happy with the days I rid the scooter.


Quite the conundrum. But as the time passes, I am more and more considering this seriously.


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