Oppo price check

My father in law is putting his ‘65 Mustang up for sale. He bought it maybe 6-7 years ago from the guy who had it built. I have no idea what the thing is actually worth. I’d say it’s in excellent driver condition. It’s definitely not a concours car, but it is super clean and wouldn’t look out of place parked next to a show quality car at an event.


65 GT, fully built, minus the front end. 347 stroker with aluminum Dart heads, Art Carr C4 trans, 9" rear with Tom’s axles, subframe connectors, slapper bars on the leafs... old school type of build. Power brakes, power steering, factory A/C but that is currently out of the car. He has the paperwork and receipts for EVERYTHING, and even pictures of the motor being built. Fresh paint, but original Pony interior minus the carpet and dash pad. Driven in the rain exactly one time. Getting a good bath and paint correction tomorrow. He has the GT wheels, and the original steering wheel, too. Car should easily do a low 12 second 1/4 with some tuning and stickier tires.

What say you, Oppo? Also, anyone want to buy a 65 Mustang?

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