Here are the results for the Oppositelock Primary, and a link to the general ballot. Only two more hours of voting!

1) Van Man, rocks the Man Van: 85 Votes

2) HondaBro / Save the Integra’s: 48 Votes

3) TheHondaBro: 11 Votes

4) Dr. Zoidberg: 7 Votes

5) A three way tie between: Benjamin Rolland, Bman76 (no it doesn’t need a WS6 hood), and Sir_Stig: “On Jelopnic, No One Knows You’re a FWD.”: 2 Votes Each


Now vote for your favorite candidate!

Edit 3pm 5/9:

TheHondaBro/SaveTheIntegra’s is currently in first with 683 votes

Benjamin Rolland holds second with 666 votes

Bman76 (no it doesn’t need a WS6hood) trails behind in third with 201 Votes

Voting will close 5PM PST Monday.

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