Do you have CAD and want to mock something up with parts you can find at your local hardware store? McMaster-Carr has 3D CAD files of almost every part they offer for free. (Also, I just found out the Citroën CX 25 TGI Loadrunner exists and... holy shit I’ve never wanted anything more in my life)

Here’s the counter/bar/console table I’m building for my apartment. Yes, I’m building it out of pipe pieces, which is a trend I absolutely hate (because when other people do it they get caught up in the kitsch and don’t know how to make it look nice). However, I don’t have access to a MIG or TIG welder so this will work.

Quick design and render:



And they turned a Piper Comanche into a camper!

Forget the Mercedes 6x6, this is the greatest 6 wheeled car.


I haven’t been this excited about a car since I saw that Alpine GTA in person at C&C.