I am working on an entrepreneurship project for school and we are testing our MVP. We are working on creating a marketplace (a la fiverr) that would connect emerging journalists with legacy publishers like the New York Times. The idea is to connect compelling writers (like some of you on Oppo) with small audiences, experts in a field, or people who experience an event firsthand with major publishers to provide them with compelling content on the cheap and give emerging authors a career boost.

A sample I created as an example

To test our MVP, our group is creating a sample book of some examples to show to legacy publishers and get their feedback on our product. To do that, we have to create samples. I’ve come to Oppo because I know some of you are very talented writers and will provide me with a more diverse pool than my college friends. I would really appreciate if some of you could help me by creating samples. The format above is basically what I’m looking for: Title, short Description of the article, some Keywords for search hits, and a Price at which you would hope to sell the article to publishers(price is somewhat arbitrary as I have no clue how much these should sell for, but I’d be interested to see what y’all say). The samples can be about anything and don’t have to be about cars. They also don’t have to be pretty, you can just post your responses as comments below.

Any of you that help will be much appreciated, and I will answer any questions ASAP. Other feedback is appreciated as well.


EDIT - Not looking for full articles just short descriptions, as if you were to create a Craigslist listing for your articles. Want to clarify, your responses are not going to be sold or ever used to generate revenue. They will be shown privately to 2-3 connections to see if this idea has any traction. Sorry I didn’t make this clear earlier.