Oppo Skyline PSA

Nissan Skyline R33 GTRs and GTSs (1/1/1996-6/30/1998) are legal to import to the United States.* They have been since 2006. They have to be modified to conform to FMVSS (currently only able to be done by J.K. Technologies LLC), but you can in fact get one that is completely legal now. The registered importer has 120 days to modify the car according to the documentation (source 3) provided by the NHTSA.

R34s are still barred from entry, however, so those are still mostly illegal if you see one for sale. Also, when you see an R33 for sale, make sure the registration say “Nissan Skyline” and not something else.

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So now you all can stop mocking Dsscats for saying that an R33 is legal to import. There are hundreds of cars that are less than 25 years old that you can either straight up import, or make conforming.



(1) http://www.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/imp… NHTSA’s info on importing R33 GTR and GTS models


(2) http://icsw.nhtsa.gov/cars/rules/imp… List of nonconforming vehicles which can be imported to the US

(3) http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDeta… Document detailing the NHTSA’s decisions on Nissan Skylines


*If they’re federalised.

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