Oppo PSA

Please stay with in your limits. I know we all enjoy a good blast up a fun road, but you have to remember your limits, the limits of your vehicle, and other limiting factors like weather. (repost for morning crowd)

I went for a drive up 39 to test my new suspension and came upon a wreck. Nothing gory, but pictures ahead, view at your own risk.

I missed photographing the vehicle, but it was a newer red 3 series BMW and according to emergency services they survived and were taken down the mountain in one of the couple of ambulances I saw going down on my way up.

Here is an aerial of the incident location. Red line guessed driving line, red blob car final location, blue lines are emergency services closed road, and blue dashes are traffic.My best guess is they were going to fast for the corner and started to slide. Wanting to not go over the cliff over corrected and hit the mountain.
Image: CaptDale

Just remember to stay safe out there you all.

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