Oppo PSA: Beware scammers blah blah blah

Seriously though. Two brief stories of folks getting screwed contained within. Both true stories. World’s worst factory color combo for your time.

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Scenario 1: Person buys car off of Craigslist. Title, bill of sale, the whole 9. Sometime later the car won’t start. Turns out the key has failed electronically. We order a new key. New key doesn’t work. Double check the VIN and make sure it was ordered correctly. It was. Double check everything else on the car that would prevent the key from working. Still seems like key was ordered wrong. Double check all the VIN stickers, they all match. But the stamped VIN on the chassis does not match. Nor does it match the title. Turns out someone hacked two cars together and sold the product of that venture to an unsuspecting person. Now the car is basically only good for parts. Luckily(?) Neither VIN is reported as stolen. Still screwed.

Scenario 2: person trades their vehicle with some cash on top for another vehicle. Signed title, bill of sale, the whole 9 again. Many months later, guy gets pulled over because the vehicle was recently reported stolen. Turns out, the real original owner of the vehicle was in jail when the trade happened and had no knowledge of it. Owner’s friend stole the title and fabricated the rest of the paperwork and forged the owner’s signature. Vehicle gets impounded. Now the person who traded for the vehicle doesn’t have a vehicle and is out all that value. Screwed.

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