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Oppo PSA: Change your fuel filter!

Yesterday, I finally got around to replacing my fuel filter. I had been meaning to do it for weeks but I couldn’t figure out how to get the darn fuel line clamps off the first time I tried. Once I got access to a lift and applied some small vice grips, I was in business and got the darn thing off of the car.

Fun fact, fuel will burn your skin so try to avoid that part. I had properly depressurized my system but gravity still had firestarter pouring down my arm as I worked to quickly swap in the new filter. Once it was all buttoned up and I drove around the block, it was immediately apparent how worth it this was!


Sure, you might not notice a couple horsepower in your 9,700 HP rocketship but in a Miata those ponies definitely count. The difference was not really crazy but it was apparent. The car just immediately accelerated and did so with more haste than before. The book said change the fuel filter ever 40k and I had driven at least 60k since buying the car. Plus, who knows when (if ever) it was changed in the previous 125k miles!

Anyways, this is your PSA to change your fuel filter to stop robbing yourself of power. I’m sure it was like my car was sipping a very frozen Wendy’s frosty through a straw.

Oh, and fuck this tool! I couldn’t figure out how it could possibly help get the fuel line off. Vice grips were way easier.

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