I was on my usual post-work bike ride today when I encountered, on two separate occasions, drivers that were so nice they decided to hold up traffic just for me! Isn't that sweet? Well it pissed me right off, so I'm here to remind all of Oppo to treat bikes like cars.

I was approaching a 3-way "T" intersection, all-way stops, on the continuous road. On my right, on the perpendicular road, was a red CLA that was stopped before I even reached the intersection. In the oncoming lane, a beige Honda approached its stop sign the same time I did.

I would consider myself to be a diligent bike rider. I obey lights and I stop at intersections when there is other traffic (I do use the "Idaho Stop" when there's no traffic). So I slow down, and both drivers just look at me. And then the looks turns into stares. And then I have to come to a complete stop and put my foot down. And I'm just thinking "What is going on? Why isn't anybody moving?!" This was like playing chess and it was my turn.

Finally I wave my hand and motion resumes, kinda like I'm Harry Potter. The Benz turns right (nothing was preventing it from doing that earlier) and the Honda continues going straight (nothing was preventing it from doing that earlier, as well).

The second time this happened today I reached an intersection where, in the oncoming lane, a Honda Odyssey was signalling left. I'm more than far away enough for the driver to make the turn but she just stays there... waiting. Waiting for what? I don't know. But once again I do the magician wave and life continues.


Why am I complaining about preferential treatment? Because it's the law for a cyclist to stop at a red light and stop sign. Perhaps these two drivers would have let me through, but the next driver might not do that. And in Car v. Bicycle, Car usually wins. So, Opponauts, please treat bicycles [at intersections] like any other vehicle. They don't deserve to go first just because they're powered by a human. If they blow through the intersection, make sure to honk, and swear, and flip them off if you'd like. But above all, keep everyone safe!

For those interested, my bike is a Specialized Rockhopper. It's a fantastic all-around bike which I've owned for around 7 years and have had no problems with it thanks to some seasonal maintenance.


Top picture taken from http://aseasyasridingabike.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/the…