I mean, only if you're super into input lag, exhaust notes that would make Gran Turismo point and laugh, aimless missions, soulless environments, lackluster visuals, and a framerate cap at 30.

Technical issues aside, it's still a really bad game.

A racing game lives and dies by how it handles. The Cars feel floaty, and even after fixing the lag (turned off v-sync) the controls still felt imprecise.

Oh, and I also couldn't re-map the controls for upshifts and downshifts, so I was forced to use the analog sticks and that was awful. That meant that I had to play in automatic mode and that was even worse.

It's poorly optimized. And while, yeah, that was just a beta, some of the things I took issue with were beyond optimization. It's really too bad, though. I was super looking forward to playing this game.

I'm waiting for Steam to refund me my cheddar.