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OPPO PSA - 'Following' Guidelines (brought back from the dead)*

An excerpt of an upcoming revision to the Oppo Handbook:

There are two main levels of posting access to Oppo. One is the basic commenter and the other is authorship privileges.


Like on the main page, anyone is free to comment on any thread on Oppo. If you are not 'followed' by Oppo, your comment will show up as 'grey'. This is not a judgment on your worth as a person or a commenter; it is simply how Kinja works.

Authorship privileges are granted by the mods. If you wish to post to Oppositelock, respond to one of our semi-regular request threads. These posts will always be under the tag " Club Openings" so that these posts can be easily found. You may not get authorship the first time you ask, but you are welcome to request again at any point. (See any request post for expanded details on this process.)


Authors are able to follow/unfollow commenters on behalf of 'Oppositelock'. 'Following' moves a commenter from a 'grey' to a 'black'. We trust authors enough to not need our permission to 'follow' a commenter – we wouldn't have made you authors if we didn't trust you in the first place. However, any author found to be abusing their posting access to mess with other commenter's status on Oppo will have their authorship revoked, and possibly banned from the forum.

*why was this brought back from the dead? Because this was, in part, taken verbatim from the original oppo handbook which will be revised again.

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