(Pictured: my lawyer, today, and little me standing there at the corner)

Continuing the Robotech (ALL RIGHT, MACROSS, YOU GET THE POINT) theme from last night.

My lawyer reviewed my former co-workers’ legal threat, which was based on non-compete clauses and under CA law, and actually laughed and said, “this is bullshit.”

This was before he’d even heard the salient details— the potential clients for my old firm, whom I’d brought to the table and written a proposal for, were never anything but potential clients. No contract, no work, no nothing. It was my relationship from the start, and the client’s choice to contact me after I went back to building my own practice has no bearing on the old firm. Threatening to sue over speculative “damages” for things that never happened won’t get you very far.

Woohoo... being a grownup sucks. Sucks that I have to pay a badass lawyer to tell the old firm to kindly fuck right off, for about a thousand reasons. Sucks that a good relationship with a guy I’d mentored from day 1 of his real career turned into this. So, for real— especially if you’re building your own business— get some recommendations. Meet a few good lawyers. Meet a few good accountants. Let them do their jobs as well as you do yours. That’s why you pay them.


Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. Have a Macross-themed NSX that’s actually pretty rad, thanks to @nth256 and @Daily Drives a Dragon and I probably screwed up those links.


Remember, kids: don’t be a dick. Rather, strive to be excellent to each other, and yourselves.

This has been your old-man-rant for the time being.

And here’s one of my old sketches for schnicks.