Just because you’re allowed to do something doesn’t mean you aren’t an asshole for doing it. If you collect weird shit, don’t do it in public or the village will raise a shitstorm. It’s the classic idiom, “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”

Guess what? Parking a military vehicle in your driveway is an asshole move. Nobody wants to see some big-ass war machine in their pleasant suburban neighborhood. It’s weird, and it freaks people out, and they’re definitely going to assume that some psycho gun fanatic lives next door. That means housing values will go down because nobody wants to move into a neighborhood with a gun fanatic who drives a fucking tank to work.

Yes, I know he’s probably not a gun fanatic, and he’s probably just a gearhead like all of us. But that’s a hell of a first impression to dispel, and no potential homeowner is going to take the time to meet their psycho new neighbor. Instead, they’re just going to move into a neighborhood with normal people. So obviously his neighbors are pissed and grasping at every possible straw to make him behave.

I don’t care if it’s an army truck, firetruck, airplane, boat, trailer, etc. It’s weird, and nobody wants to live next to a weirdo. Stop being an asshole and keep your weirdness under wraps like the rest of us.

And yes, the “commercial vehicle” ordinance is a load of BS given the truck’s current use/owner, but I have absolutely zero sympathy for this guy. Don’t rub against the grain and then complain when you get a splinter.