Property ownership, like any other investment, is a risk. You might move into an area that will soon be taken over by meth head juggalos, reducing your property value. Your area might soon get a whole beige shopping center, increasing it. But it’s a risk you take when you sign up.

It is fully within your rights to mitigate that risk with careful planning. At the most extreme end of this, it’s a gated community with heavy rules. Take it down a notch and you have an HOA.

It is not (or should not be) within your rights to tell others what to do with their property because you’re not happy with how your gamble is playing out. Remember, you took the risk of buying a piece of property, fully aware that the those around you could reduce its value. You don’t get to manage their lives because you’re afraid that they might.

So park your truck in your back yard. Park your plane in your driveway. Build a shop where you’ll help your friends work on their cars. And don’t stop others from doing so because you can’t deal with the fact that your investment might go wrong.


Your neighborhood is not a business. You are not its CEO. Suck it up and spend your time making money to offset your kinda potential losses.

EDIT: I probably shouldn’t have used the truck as the picture example, because it seems like the laws, however dumb, were already on the books when he bought his awesome truck. I don’t think it’s right for him to demand that a community change their laws because he didn’t read up.


This is mostly written to the people who try to change laws for specific instances of “scary” vehicles, or try to get fully legal vehicles removed because, “Err nrr, ma propty valuoos!” And those who join them in this ideology.