Since the release of Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood awhile back, which had many references to cross-over TV Western stars getting into movies, I’ve been browsing old B&W photos from the era. Steve McQueen was starring in Wanted— Dead or Alive at the same time OUATIH’s fictional Rick Dalton was tearing it up in primetime with Bounty Law, while also dealing with some hassles of living in LA, including property problems, coping with DUI aftermath and seeing the hippies Rick despised everywhere.

Anyway, I was tickled to run across this image of Steve McQueen, between takes, trying get his (now) unobtanium Jaguar XK (SS?) running— while costumed in his Wanted— Dead or Alive boots, rifle holster and spurs.


One pictures him needing to race off the lot after the final take to have drinks with some starlet at the Beverly Hills Hotel, perhaps with some more under-the-hood action to follow? At least you could be a rich, philandering, dynamic movie star and still have to vanquish the ghosts-of-Lucas while the boss isn’t looking. Makes me warm and fuzzy about the hobby.

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