Let me rephrase that. WEAR YOUR FUCKING SEAT BELT. Warning: Description of this may be slightly graphic.

The truck, for whatever reason, left the highway at full speed; no indication of braking whatsoever. Full-speed into a tree. The cab separated from the truck and ended up about 20 feet away on the frontage road, back behind the EMTs on the right side of the second pic. The driver survived, but the passenger did not. He had no seat belt on and was ejected. Miraculously, no other vehicle was involved.


I came up on the scene within 30 seconds of it happening or so. People from a car ahead of me were already performing CPR on the passenger and continued to do so until EMS arrived. EMS attempted to resuscitate the guy, but it was unsuccessful. It’s the most useless feeling in the world having to stand by and just watch someone die. I never want to come across something like this again and pray none of you will have to either. Or worse, be the person laying in the ditch. So again, I say to you Oppo, WEAR YOUR FUCKING SEATBELT.