Pretty straightforward question, what weird quirks does your car have?

The M3 has a couple that I can think of off the top of my head.

(Not an E36 cluster but you get the point)

First, I have a failing wheel speed sensor somewhere on the car, so occasionally my ABS and ASC lights come on. To fix it you have to shuffle the gearbox from park to drive to reverse and back to park, then turn the car off and back on. 99% of the time that shuts the lights off.

Another would be my glovebox door. Those that have owned an E36 know the glovebox design is a bad one and likes to not work. For mine to latch you have to take the door and hold it in the closed position then take the key and lock the glovebox. When you unlock it it holds.


I’m not even gonna go into the Safari’s quirks. There’s so many. I guess a couple quick ones would be you have to press the window switch forward and down to roll down the passenger side window and if you put the lever for temp to max cool a hissing noise comes form behind the HVAC controls.