Oppo QOTD: What Are Your Country's Import Laws?

Just today, we have discovered the first R32 Skyline GT-R to be legally imported to the USA from NHTSA's 25 year importation law. It is a big celebration for every American Skyline fanatics that they can have a taste of Godzilla. Meanwhile above the land of the free, Canada has allowed importation of the R34. (some news that would please the late Paul Walker) Now I'm wondering, what are the importation laws of your home country?


Let's bring America's and Canada's laws out of our minds because they are what everyone knows. How about Brazil's, Australia's or Europe's? I'll explain Philippine's laws. It can be any car as long as it is left-hand-drive. I don't know why they have came to that point.

Nowadays, you get to see Japanese surplus (that were converted to right-hand-drive) and—for sturdier quality—US and Dubai marketed vehicles. So most of the exotics in Manila have either have the USDM orange markers on the sides or the letter B at the beginning of the license plate (signifying Subic, Zambales, the place of imports/exports and registration).



Now, Oppo, tell me what's going on at your country's freeport zones.

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