Hello Oppo! I’m interested in your opinion on this: what car is a total sellout? No, I’m not talking about a massive sales success here. What car totally abandoned its heritage/roots and sold out to the folks in corporate? I raise you two examples: the 2016 Ford GT and the current-gen Nissan Mallfinder Pathfinder.

The new FGT is, aesthetically speaking, one of my favorite cars, well, ever, but mechanically speaking, infuriating. In a single generation (albeit there have really only been three), the FGT went from a supercharged V8-powered, no-frills racecar for the road to (IMHO) a V6TT-engined softie-mobile offered exclusively with a 9(9? Really?)-speed slush box. Traction and stability control? What is this, 2015? In all seriousness, though, I’m disappointed in Ford for their choice in execution (aesthetics excepted).

The Pathfinder went from a ruggedly styled, capable off-roader to a FWD/CVT mommy-mobile that looks like someone put the last-gen in a microwave for too long.

Anyway, put your opinions in the comments: what cars are total sellouts?