With the news that Hertz is about to asplode, dumping lots of cars into an already hurting used car market, prices of used cars are about to sink even lower. What would be the most likely car, truck, or SUV that would make you seriously consider changing vehicles?

I doubt there will be much change to the overheated 4x4 pickup truck market, although I’m sure Hertz had a few of those in their fleet. So I’m going to cross that off my list. Of everything else though, there is one that has given me ideas.

Illustration for article titled Oppo QOTD: Which fire-sale ex-rental would you buy?

Back in October before all this COVID-19 bullshit, we took a short vacation up to Seattle and I rented a Dodge Challenger R/T from Hertz-affiliated Thrifty. Yes, I know it was a *gasp* automatic, but that was the most fun I’d had behind the wheel in a long damn time. It made awesome noises and I got to scare the hell out of my husband a bunch. Really the only thing I didn’t like was the color. If a bunch of these (or also R/T Chargers) become available and the prices get low enough, I’ll definitely have trouble hanging on to my original plan to keep my truck for a couple years. Because of my recent dedication to consolidating debts, saving money, and paying things off, my credit score has skyrocketed. I can get dat LOW LOW LOW interest, yo. Hell, I would even consider a white one.


So, what would tempt you?

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