Okay, so let's say you're a writer on a popular automotive blog whose name becomes synonymous with the wrong side being up. You decide to keep the bug, and it becomes more famous than you.

Flipping your car and posting it on the internet is dumb. This is why we like Orlove. He does other stupid things in cars too, like buying an old gussied up Camry that should have been waving more red flags than a marshal when Maldonado's on track.

Anywho, the Lexus obviously died, and being bored, I started thinking about what the worst cars could possibly be for him to buy next. The answer for me was obvious.


I present to you, a 1962 Corvair Monza Convertible. Now, this isn't the maligned later model. This is the original front-sway-bar-less, unsafe at any speed Corvair. With no roof.


Anyway, what do you think is the worst car for Orlove to buy next?