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Oppo quest over the hump

Hey gents today being declared as hump day reminded me of a picture. It was a sepia colored pic of a Ferrari 400 Superamerica and a -for me- gorgeous lady in black underwear standing next to her. This pic first got posted in oppo 4.0, so there's no way i can look it up, i saved it, but the server i had my files on borked last fall (IT guys' fault), and now my google-fu fails me on this every time i try GIS the damn thing. It's not even that special, it's just something that reminded me of someone, so i liked looking at it.

Do you even have an idea of what i'm on about here? And if yay, why don't you be so kind and share it with me?

Here, have a classic, an E34 over the hump for your troubles.


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