Here is the big question.

Is there a car with popup headlights that looks better with it’s lights on and in an upward position?

From my knowledge, almost every car with popups looks better with the lights off.


The C5 Corvette, for example, looks very good with its headlights down.

Do you know how hard it is to find a photo of a C5 with stock headlights in the up position?

When you flip the lights on however, it loses some of its mojo.

The only car I can think of that has lights that look better flipped up is the Porsche 928, and the only reason it looks better is that it has really unconventional popups.


The 928's lights look really strange while down because they are strangely recessed while not in use. (The reason for this is that it allowed drivers to wash their headlights more easily than they would be able to with conventional popups). The lights look a lot nicer when they come up.

928 lights in action.
See! Don’t these look so much better in this position?

So my question again is as follows:

Are there any cars who have popups that look better when they are up then when they are down?

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