[Update] I drained about a quart out of it this morning. Overfill problem solved. Where that quart was hiding, I may never know, but I think I’ll follow Pip Bip’s advice and break the seal on the oil filter before draining it the next time around.

Original: I changed the oil in the Outback today. The 3.6 is supposed to hold 6.9 quarts, so I went and bought 7 quarts of 5w-40, a new filter and a new air filter.

Step 1 - drain the oil!


To my surprise, only 5 quarts came out. Subarus are known for burning a little oil and despite my constant reminders, the family let it go a bit longer than I wanted since the last oil change. I figured that was the reason it was low.

The next step was a new filter. I really like how the filter is sitting on top in easy reach. Score one for Subaru! The only downside is the oil that was still in the filter. Once unscrewed, the oil came out and started draining through the engine.

After the new filter was installed and the plug was replaced, I poured in all 6.9 quarts. I used a 5-quart jug and two 1-quart bottles, so I know I didn’t accidentally add too much oil. But the oil is reading high on the dipstick and I’m not sure why. I drove it a few miles to make sure it’s circulating and it filled the filter. I let it sit for 20 minutes and checked it again. Still high. My driveway is slightly sloped, so I parked it on the street and checked it again. Still high!


Now I have a conundrum. Is it possible that a quart or two was still hanging out in the engine somewhere? I’ve never had this issue before, so I’m at a loss.

On the plus side, I rotated the tires and it’s no longer pulling to the right. Looks like it’s time for new tires.


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