Oppo question: ls3 swap edition

I’m the owner of a clean looking but rough running e39 540i 6speed. I’ve been poking around the interwebs to see if any forums have any info on ls swaps into these vehicles. While there are some, it seems they weren’t written for the newly initiated in mind. Has anyone here done a similar swap or knows a good resource for this?

Things I’m not worried about:

Fitment- apparently with a t56 it nearly clears the transmission tunnel and aftermarket motor mounts do exist.


Stick placement- there are some well known work arounds for the joystick in the middle.

Header and exhaust tubing- as long as it’s a 4 into 1 arrangement it can be routed right below the crankshaft.

Cooling- other make and model fitments can and do work in this application.

Things I AM worried about:

ELECTRICAL!!!- how to integrate BMW’s damn computer mainframe with a standard merican CPU. You know the little things: a speedo that gives hints on your approximate velocity, tach that tells you how awesome your engine is, maybe an CEL for when your motor wants to have some of your attention. All of this while not screwing up the stereo and other little sub systems.



BMW’s pneumatic clutch system hooked up to a mouthbreather clutch

Cost- approximate and outside of the cost of the engine and transmission. DIY of course, as one does.


Maybe the answer is more simple than it appears to me. Or maybe I have no idea what to expect.

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