Apple’s new Mac!

Here’s another completely random installment of Oppo QOTD! In Oppo QOTD, we ask YOU, the actual readers, ALL OF THE CAT THINGS! Do we do a AOTD? Nah. So hop on board for some late morning/early afternoon fun!

Today’s question is cat related in a way, but what’s your most viewed Oppo post ever? And let’s even out the playing field a little bit, posts shared to the Jelepnic FP are allowed.


Mine is a post I wrote in 2013 about the pyramid scheme that is FW1.

I keep getting weird burner comments on it even three years later today. Curious, I checked the read counter... 28,800 views!

Why that many? Well it seems it’s listed as the fourth Google Search result for “FW1". And for a Google Search for “FW1 scam” it’s either number 1 or number 2 depending on the month!