We all loose cars, they get wrecked, they get traded in, they break beyond reasonable repair, and sometimes, they catch on fire.

For me, there are two vehicles which I miss owning. The first would be my 96' F150 (pictured above). It was the first truck I ever owned, and I'll never forget it. On the day I brought it home it was five different colors and had heavy front end damage from hitting a deer. It had the inline 6 with a 4 speed manual, and I beat the piss out of it, and it just kept coming back for more. I sold it just before I moved across the country so I could buy the F350 I have now, which was a smoother, more reliable truck to travel 2400+ miles in.

The other was my 92' VR-4. It was the first engine I ever rebuilt (and consequentially re-rebuilt, and re-rebuild again). It was taken from this world when a vacuum hose came loose from the MBC and ended up pushing nearly 40 psi through the twin 54mm turbos I was running. The fuel system was not set up to handle that much air, and I ended up blowing the motor to figurative bits. I decided to stop throwing all of my money and then some at it and retired it to the graveyard.

What car have you owned which you miss, and why?