Oppo Racing Experts, I Need Your Help!

I need to know everything about the car in this picture.

All I know is that it was taken somewhere between 1968 and 1976. I’m kind of guessing it’s a Formula Ford, hence the “FF” on the side. It was definitely taken in the USA.


But any idea what year was this would be specifically?

What kind of engine/spec would this car have in that era?

Can I find old vintage racing results from this era in the lower series somewhere?

There is a story that this driver crashed at Road America, spinning into a wall and hitting his head bad enough to be airlifted to the hospital for emergency surgery.

The driver is my Uncle and Godfather who passed away a month ago. He was a car guy through and through, regularly tracking his 454 ‘73 Vette. It’s still in his garage, bitchin side pipes and all. 


Any info would be helpful!

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