NEW POLL! Vote (again) for the date for Oppo Rally (plus other stuff)

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If you already voted on a date for Oppo Rally 2018 I hope you like voting for this twice, because I’ve redone the poll! 


So it occurred to me there’s a problem with having people only able to choose one date in the poll. Most people can do two or three dates and asking them to choose just one could result in people not voting or casual, flexible voters grouping on a date that may be impossible for others. So I reset the poll, and this time I want everyone to pick ALL the dates that work for them (even if that’s all four).

If you forgot how last year’s Oppo Rally worked, or you weren’t around yet back then, here’s last year’s game post. This time around the rally will be in Massachusetts and the schedule will be the similar to last year: Registration will open in Worcester (exact location TBA) at 7 AM, at which time you will get your checkpoint list. The rally officially starts at 9 AM. Deadline for posting checkpoint photos will be 10:00 PM. Any photos posted after that will not be scored. 10 will also be the deadline for arriving at the finish check-in (near the New York border, exact location TBA) and handing over any acquisition items or bribes you collected along the way, and regaling the judge(s) with tales of your day and why you deserve bonus points. If you didn’t collect any items to hand over and you don’t have any tales of triumph/woe you don’t need to attend the check-in. Awards will be the next morning at 9 AM.


Here are the options for dates, please check all the dates that would work for you:


One moooore thing. As many of you know, I just finished up the Lemons Rally about a week ago. As some of you also know, this was the inspiration for Oppo Rally. One of the things they did this year was use Instagram to log the checkpoints, and it worked brilliantly. Thanks to the use of hashtags it was easy to log checkpoints, log extra bonus stuff, and even see others’ photos for a checkpoint if we were having trouble finding it. It also made it easy for family and friends to follow along from home, and made seeing who went where and tallying up the score at the end of the day a much less daunting task (this is something I had trouble with last year). Not to mention it allows an option between posting photos or videos without having to delve into youtube or something. I’m inclined to use the same tactic for Oppo Rally this year, but want to make sure people are on board. The downside of course is that the game won’t be here on Oppo for all the loonies to see, but dropping (OCCASIONAL) links to instagram posts can help fix that. If you have an instagram already and you don’t want everyone knowing your handle you don’t need to use your personal account. A number of teams at Lemons created team accounts for the event and I endorse you doing the same (bonus, this means if there’s multiple people on your team you can all have your phones logged into the account and take turns on who takes/posts the photo based on convenience/which one of you is busy driving/navigating/sleeping/picking your toes). What say you?

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