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I’m starting to make plans to do at least one and maybe two Oppo Rallies next year. I want to start with a quick question regarding scheduling. As most may remember the previous Oppo Rally was on Memorial Day weekend. This was good in that the Monday holiday meant an extra day for the more distant competitors to get back home, but bad in that it meant increased traffic due to the holiday and, in the case of Memorial Day in particular the awards day was held on what’s arguably the biggest racing day of the year (Monaco, Indy, Nurburgring 24, Coke 600, World RX at Lydden Hill, etc). So the question is, should I shoot for holding the next one on a three day weekend as well, or aim for a normal, non-holiday weekend?


The rally will definitely be somewhere between May and September, for the sake of longer daylight and a better chance of good weather. Also the schedule format will be the same as it was for the first Oppo Rally: Registration open from 7-9 AM on Saturday (with those arriving first having more time to go over the checkpoints and plan their route), rally start at 9 AM, rally finish at 10 PM, awards at ~9:30 AM Sunday morning. (Alternately, on a three day weekend it could be rally on Sunday, awards on Monday if people would prefer that.)

If you missed Oppo Rally and have no idea what I’m talking about then you need to catch up on the awesomeness.


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