Oppo Rally 2018 - Sticker time!

Hey, everybody! We’re now just under 40 days out from Oppo Rally, and that means it’s time to start ordering stickers, it also means CUSTOM OPPO STICKERS ARE BACK!


I haven’t been as present as I would have liked over the past few months (I can thank a string of 60 hour work weeks for that), but Oppo Rally plans have been progressing and the route is now pretty much ready to go. This year in addition to standard “find it and log it” checkpoints there will be a few bonus challenges along the way. These will take more time to complete than a typical checkpoint, but will also be worth much more points. Whether it’s enough to merit the extra time (and in some cases expense) is up to the competitors.

If you haven’t registered for Oppo Rally yet it’s not too late. I’m proud of the course I’ve got set up for this year and I think you’ll definitely enjoy some of the stops and surprises. Also, some of the roads are pretty epic as well. For info on Oppo Rally and to find out how to enter (or if you just want to know what the hell I’m talking about), you can check out this post here.

Now, on to stickers. As some of the more senior members of Oppo may remember, I used to occasionally do bulk orders of custom-designed Oppo stickers. This year I’ll need to do a bulk order of stickers for the rally anyway, so I’m taking the opportunity to re-open Oppo sticker orders as well, likely for the only time until next Oppo Rally. Here are the details, lazily copied from the last time I posted about Oppo stickers.


First and foremost: If you’re interested in a single-color sticker, I suggest talking to fourvalleys. He can do die-cut stickers faster, cheaper, and with no white border. Plus you can order from him any time, instead of being forced to wait for the window to open. That’s my gig and I intend to monopolize it.

Cost: Stickers are $6 each, including shipping within the U.S. Canada is an additional $1, while any other part of the world is $3 extra. (This, BTW, is the cost I’m getting them at, plus the cost of envelope and shipping).


Size and Designs: Stickers are 6” wide by just under 2” high. All the designs that have been done so far are at the bottom of this post, but if none of those strike your fancy don’t worry. Designs can be literally anything, with a big asterisk. That asterisk being that I have neither the time nor the skill to create something from scratch based on a description. My talents don’t go much beyond taking a pattern (like this), hitting it with an Oppo-shaped cookie cutter, and producing logo sticker. So while there’s no limits to what I can stamp into an Oppo shape, asking me to create a logo containing Godzilla chasing your car will get you a design more like this.

How to order: That’s the easy part. Email me at howdeedoodat@gmail.com. Let me know what you want and I’ll email you back with a final design for approval and info on how to make payment. Deadline for orders will be 6 PM July 11 4 PM July 16.


To see what designs have already been done check out this post here.

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