Oppo Rally: California

All the smoke from the fires was wild

Ok people more work has been done to make the first California Oppo Rally happen. Went to a few points I had made via Google maps to make sure they were worthy. Crossed a few off and even added one I just happened to run across. My car has been having some stupid vibration I can’t figure out, so we took the Mommy Wagon and had an absolute blast. Here are a few photos of the fun

And yes Oppo there will be some way points only visitable via dirt roads, but don’t worry, for those of you with non dirt road cars most will be paved, but gotta get some dirt on them rigs. Plus finding out CA58 is mostly repaved was a beautiful sight ;)

Surprisingly super clean restrooms
Quite the view
Smoke screen engaged
Beautiful lake
The Mommy Wagon is quite the champ
Wagon fever is getting to me... I just want my RS6 C6 Avant
You don’t need to see behind you, everyone back there is losing anyway
This car really does hold onto dirt
The smoke did make for amazing photos though

So many more I need to go check out...

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