I’m trying to decide what my partner and I will drive for the Oppo rally.

The ‘87 Wagon still has the busted transmission in it, and isn’t drivable, but is legally registered & insured. The ‘85 is drivable (and was the guys daily until last month), but has a nasty exhaust leak that is deafening inside, and isn’t registered or insured.

So my options are:

-Yank the trans out of the ‘85, and stuff it in the ‘87 between now and Friday night. Also make sure I the low brake fluid isn’t a serious leak.


-Put the ‘85 on my insurance, find and patch the exhaust leak, and use the “7 days to register a new vehicle” loophole in the RI registration process to make “legal” to drive.

-Drive Aubergine, my ‘09 Fit, which I just fixed the A/C in for maximum comfort and more than twice the gas mileage. It is a surprisingly good road trip car, having done 800 miles in 3 days earlier this month.


I’m leaning towards the third option, as other issues I’ve had to deal with has given me no time to prep for the rally.