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Oppo Rally: Do not vote in this poll!

...unless you can absolutely only make one of the two dates.

After a month and nearly 100 votes the original poll for the 2018 Oppo rally date is a dead heat between two of the four options. So I’m putting it to a tiebreaker vote to determine whether the rally will be June 9 or July 28. To be clear, if you prefer one date but can make it either way, do not vote. I only want votes from people for whom one of the two dates is a dealbreaker. Polling closes in a week, whichever date has the lead at that point will be the official Oppo rally date.


In other Oppo Rally news, this year’s Oppo Rally will take place on Instagram, making scoring much easier for me (and finding places much easier for competitors, provided you’re not the first person to the checkpoint).

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