Oppo Rally Midwest: 2019 A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Queen City Official Date


The official date of Oppo Rally Midwest: 2019 A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Queen City shall be The Twelfth of October, Two-Thousand and Nineteen AD. Mark your calendars, empty you colanders, and prepare your cylinders for what shall be a once in a lifetime event of limited preparations and massive frustrations.


And just where is this taking place?

Cincinnati. Well, mostly. Kinda in and around the Greater Cincy Tristate area.

What is this?


This is basically a fucked up scavenger hunt that is picture based. I give clues, you give answers via The Gram. You drive from point to point and points are pointed when pictures are posted.

I’m confused, I thought that this is a rally...


You’re not very helpful, but consider me interested. How do I join?


Draft an electronic letter to mischenkom2 (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject of Oppo Rally 2019. The body shall be:

(Name of participant (ie YOU)) would like to participate in this here rally. My car is (Y/M/M). My team consists of (names of cohorts).


It’s that simple. Once I get more than 10 teams (teams can be a party of 1 to 4) or 9/27 hits (whatever comes first), I shall send out a group notification containing further details of start location, time, and whatever else I damn well please to say (hopefully it’s my manifesto!).

Is there a fee?


How about Tree-Fiddy?

If you want promotional stickers, it’ll cost more, just drop a comment below and we’ll consider it.


What should I drive?

Preferably a car. But motorcycles are also allowed, but 2 wheels bad. Any more questions? post below.


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