The Tom Merkel’s Cuyama Car Garden

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I heard about it from Barn Find Hunter’s on Youtube

I thought what a weird and neat place I could add to the Caifornia Oppo Rally depending on where exactly I take all of you fools lovely people. As I looked into it more and found it on Google maps I was very saddened

Illustration for article titled Oppo Rally: Stop

Google said permanently closed and the satellite mage explains why. The cars are nearly all gone. A blog post about going to see the Car Garden explains that the caregiver, after Tom Merkel’s death had started selling everything off. As sad as it is to see cars rotting away, I am heartbroken to see a man’s life work disappear because people had deep enough pockets to temp the sale of these vehicles. Sure some may be back on the road or have been used to help others finish restorations, but that will never be as special as there were sitting on a mountainside. They meant something to a Mr. Merkel and they should have been left there to be shown to future generations.

I am so disappointed I will never get to experience something that disappeared almost with no acknowledgment at all.  

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