The awards ceremony! I apologize for the slightly out of focus picture, apparently I don’t know how to use my camera.

This rally and the OppoMeet have both led me to the same conclusion, Oppo is full of truly amazing people.

Every experience I have had with Oppo has been awesome, and this rally was no exception. We met so many people, and everyone was so friendly. The rally itself was awesome, too. Before this trip, I had only been to New York, so the rally was a great way to see Connecticut. And it was pretty cool to run into fellow competitors throughout the state. We also got the added benefit of a list of cool places to visit if we make it back!


The rally was seriously a day I will never forget. My dad and I completed our first ever road rally, we met tons of awesome people, and saw way more of Connecticut than we could have on our own. I’d say it was totally worth the drive out. 

At the final checkpoint.

And, the Grocery Grabber had no issues over the 2,495 miles we traveled. It now sits at about 224,500 miles. I have a few more Oppo stickers to add to it, too.

So thanks again, Dusty! You organized quite the event. Thanks to all of the Opponauts we met, you guys made the event that much more fun! I’m looking forward to the next one!

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