Hi all! This is a not-all-that-important-but-one-of-those-things-that-sticks-in-your-head-and-you-can’t-get-it-out-until-you-finish-it kind of situations!

A long time ago (2 years...?) I watched a Youtube series which was a copy of Top Gear’s Cheap Car Challenges. This one took place somewhere in California, was (I THINK...) a 3-Parter, i.e. I seem to remember watching 3 videos of it, and one of the cars one of the people bought was an classic, light blue FIAT 124 OR Alfa Spider...I cannot remember which.

It was actually very well done, and I would love to watch it again - very honest, and unscripted! Just three guys, with three cars, having fun. I BELIEVE one of the other cars purchased by one of the other hosts was a black BMW, but not sure of the model. I also don’t remember the third car at all...

An you help fellow Opponauts? :) Cheers and thanks! :D

EDIT - FOUND IT! :D OK, Maybe a little bit scripted, but not overdone, watching it now! :)